1. How are we different from other Easy Riders or motorbike tours in Vietnam?
Easy Riders Vietnam was established in 1997 and was the first company organizing motorbike tours in Vietnam. All of the tours and itineraries were created and written by ourselves, not like others who copied our tour itineraries and put on their websites.

Our tour guides graduated from Tourism Universities in Vietnam and have been working really hard for our goal "making you love Vietnam like we do". It's a obligation to share our rich cultures, history and Vietnamese beauties to all the people around the world. Due to our success, many people, companies mimicing our itineraries. However, in our opinion, to offer an awesome tour, it's not enough to just have a big motorbike and some English. Each of our tour guides is chosen by the following criteria:

• Graduated from Tourism University

• Experienced English or French speaking

• Knowledgeable about cultures and different areas in Vietnam

• Motorcycle maintenance skills

• Sence of humour

Therefore, we only work with the best tour guides in the areas you travel!

2. Having never been on motorbike before, can I travel with you?
♦ Yes, you can ride pillion on one of our experienced tour guides. You even enjoy the trip more instead of focusing on the roads and traffic!

3. I hear that the traffic in Vietnam is really crazy, Is it safe to ride?
♦ Vietnamese roads are busy. However, you might not need to worry about it as we always choose the quiet countryside roads with the beautiful landscapes, even they are longer for most of the tours.

4. How many people/riders do you take on each motorbike tour?
♦ We don’t believe in touring with large groups as some will not be able to share the experience equally. Each tour depends on a number of factors as to how many people/ riders we take, typically we will limit the groups to 10 people/ riders.
We also cater for one person or private groups, so if you travel alone and want to experience the real Vietnam we can organise that for you

5. Why the prices of your tours are more expensive than others?
♦ We created the original tours and itineraries. The other people/ companies are trying to compete on price.  We are not.  We are certainly not the lowest priced tour, nor the most expensive one. However we ensure that you won't find another Easyrider, motorbike tour in Vietnam or foreign base company that offers a better value than Easy Riders Vietnam.  We have better tour guides/ riders, professionally trained tour guides, newer motorbikes, higher quality helmets, and support van (if you required). We may not be the cheapest, but we offer you more for your dollar than any other Easy Riders or motorbike tours in Vietnam!

6. If my time and plans don't meet any tours on your website, can you do a custom tour for me?
♦ Yes, please feel free to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want us to customize a tour to meet your needs. We believe that our experiences and skills for over decade traveling around Vietnam, we'll make your trip unforgettably enjoyable

For more reasons why you should choose Easy Riders Vietnam, read more of our tour guides' profiles