When asked why they are so enthusiastic about recommending Easy Riders Vietnam to their friends, many travelers comment on how excellent adventures they had with us. So what exactly is “Easy Riders Vietnam focuses on”?

It’s a Standard of Excellence that sets us apart from other Motorbike Tour companies in Vietnam. Most of our tours carry the “Premium Tour” label, which calls for the following standards:


Experienced English-speaking tour guides. Our tour guides are the best in the business. They are totally committed (and empowered) to operate in accordance with “Easy Riders Vietnam Style”.


Small, Intimate Groups. All of our motorbike tours aren’t designed for the masses – they are much more personal. We organize tours from one person to limit most trips to 10 customers. However, we can arrange and travel with bigger groups if required!


Self Operated Tours “Always”. We operate our own tours all over Vietnam, using our own employees. Travelers can expect the same high standards whether they are touring the Mekong Delta, the coastal villages, the Central Highlands, or the North of Vietnam


Exciting Activities Included in Tour. Most of our adventures include exciting activities on the tour. Examples include a boat trip cruising the Mekong Delta, a trek through the stunning mountains of the Central Highlands, a traditional folk song show at night in Central Vietnam. We include several other exciting activities and excursions


Airport Pickup/ Dropoff. Assuming that you arrive on our scheduled arrival day, we’ll greet you at the airport and start the tour from there. We’ll also accompany you to your flight at the conclusion of your adventure.


Late Model, Quality Motorbikes. We provide all late-model Suzuki and Honda motorbikes. They are sporty naked 150 cc and comfortable cruiser motorbikes.


Support van. We provide a support van if there is a group of 6 people or more. And of course, we provide for any size of group if you required.

.100% run and owned by Vietnamese. We have been building a good reputation for our tours and services. We're listed as one of the top things to do for tourists who travel in Vietnam. Therefore, there are so many Westerners who copied our ideas and names and made their own websites. They sell the tours (that they don't really know) to you, and then get a nice, big commission before forwarding your bookings to a local in Vietnam to do the tour for you!? 

The Best Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam. We have been traveling and guiding for over 20 years in Vietnam. We know Vietnam well like the back of our hands and we believe our experiences and skills will make your motorcycle tour in Vietnam unforgettable. 


Many customers who have traveled extensively claim that our motorbike trips are the best they have ever had. Take a look at our TripAdvisor Reviews. Our past customers say it much better than we ever could!


There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met